It’s All About Energy

It’s hard for us as human beings to grasp the concept of how things function outside of our dimension. Do spirits exist? How do they move around? How is it possible for them to move a physical object? How do they manifest? How do they gain strength? Why are some spirits stronger than others? The answer to all of these questions is, “It’s all about energy”. Energy isn’t something that most of us can see, but it is all around us and has a significant impact on everything that happens in our daily lives. One prime example is the positive and negative energy that affects our day. We have good days and bad days, and the factors that determine this can be events that have taken place, and/or the positive and negative emotions that we are feeling. Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to go wrong? Once a negative attitude has been established in your mind, bad energy is attracted to you. The more intense these feelings are, the more powerful the negative attraction will be, resulting in a seemingly endless stream of bad luck throughout the day. The frustration and anger generated only serve to attract more of this negative energy which consequently keeps the cycle going.


The spirit world relies on energy to function in our dimension. Spirits are made up of energy and they increase their strength by feeding off of the energy in the environment. Spirits actually emit detectable amounts of electromagnetic energy. Ghost hunters often use electromagnetic field detectors (EMF detectors), to help verify the presence of spirits. It takes an incredible amount of this energy for a spirit to manifest (partially or fully), or to manipulate things in our physical world. Often times a spirit will only be visible to us for a few seconds because they just don’t have the energy to remain in that state. During haunted house investigations, it is not uncommon for fully charged batteries to become instantly drained, rendering ghost hunting equipment useless. (Spirits were around long before electricity was discovered so they do not rely on electronic devices to function.) Even ghost hunters can be drained of energy, finding themselves exhausted for days after a paranormal investigation.  It is believed that a spirit will make use of that energy to attempt manifestation or to get our attention in another way. Communicating with us on any level takes an incredible amount of energy, and the “younger” the spirit is, the more difficult it is for them. The longer the spirit has been around, the stronger it becomes because it has been absorbing energy for years, decades, or even centuries. Why are some apparitions barely visible while others appear to be almost as solid and clear as you and me? Spirits who have just recently passed don’t possess the energy or strength to manifest themselves in a way that makes them detectable by most humans. This is why most places where paranormal phenomenon is present are being haunted by what is believed to be “older” spirits who had died long ago. These are the spirits who are more likely to have the ability to manifest into what appears to be a solid visible form. They have also developed the strength to audibly speak, manipulate objects, or to actually make physical contact with us. I’m sure you’ve seen how magnets affect each other in relation to how the polarity is positioned. Two magnets will either come together or repel. The force is invisible but its existence is undeniable when the result of this energy is witnessed. The phenomenon that occurs in the spirit world is no different. Energy is used to move, lift, and even throw objects, and the stronger the spirit is, the larger and heavier the things that they are able to affect will be.


Evil entities such as demons feed off of the negative energy that they create in the lives of the people who are unfortunate enough to be under their influence. These entities cause fear, depression, anger, conflict, sadness and hopelessness in their victims, and use all of this negativity to gain strength. No one knows how much of the negativity in the world is a result of demonic influence, but there is little doubt that in some cases there is a direct correlation. All of this evil activity creates more negative energy which in turn facilitates more evil. It is a vicious cycle that must be stopped. Our thoughts, actions and reactions can be influenced by the energy field around us, but we can also affect the energy field WITH our thoughts, actions, and reactions. The collective energy that we put out as human beings has a direct impact on the overall universal energy. We can either feed the negative, or feed the positive. The obvious solution to a happy, productive future is simple: combat negativity by being positive and doing good things. It really does make a difference.




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