Who Is Alcaide?

My name is Marcus Ascari. At the writing of this post I am 21 years old, but because of my unique childhood, I have been told that I am wise beyond my years. My life has been about as far from normal as you can get. If you read my "About Me" page, you will … Continue reading Who Is Alcaide?


Don’t Invite Trouble!

I have no doubt that paranormal and spirit activity exists. People who have passed away and not moved on live among us. When someone you love dies, sadness, emptiness, and even anger are inevitable. Sometimes people are so desperate to make contact with their loved one that they resort to using methods intended to connect … Continue reading Don’t Invite Trouble!

Congratulations! It’s a Poltergeist! *sigh*

The literal translation of the word "poltergeist" is "noisy ghost". Assuming this definition is correct, any spirit that makes noise could be considered a poltergeist. My understanding of poltergeists is quite different. A poltergeist isn't a conscious entity. In fact, it was never alive in the first place. It is not a clear thinking being … Continue reading Congratulations! It’s a Poltergeist! *sigh*

I Thought I Knew My Son, Until He Told Me…….

I first suspected that Marcus would have a special purpose when I was pregnant with him. I was cleaning an office building one night and noticed a balloon in the office of one of the employees. She was also pregnant and due any day. The balloon said, "Babies are Special". About an hour later, after … Continue reading I Thought I Knew My Son, Until He Told Me…….

A Day In The Life Of The Gifted

As human beings we are not normally born with the ability to interact with the spirit world. However, there are a select few who are born with the ability to see, hear, and communicate with spirits and beings from other dimensions. Even fewer are those who carry this ability into adulthood. The level of sensitivity … Continue reading A Day In The Life Of The Gifted